Top vacuum films

Product Material max temp. Elongation at break Colour
Gaplon® Big Green Nylon Polyolefins, multilayer 125°C 520 % Green
Gaplon® Releas Bag 360 Nylon Polyolefins, multilayer 160°C 455 % Green
Gaplon® N° 45 Nylon / multilayer, multilayer film 177°C 420 % Pink
Gaplon® L-500B Nylon 177°C 500 % Blue
Gaplon® GL 800 Nylon 204°C 450 % Orange
Gaplon® GL 850 Nylon 204°C 450 % Orange
Gaplon® N° 74 Nylon 205°C 440 % Green
Gaplon® N°3 HT65 Fluoropolymer 327°C 550 % Yellow

Nylon films for different temperature ranges. Available as tubular or flat film in various thicknesses. Excellent for heavily contoured components. Specially designed for commercial applications at medium to high temperatures and pressures. Ideal for autoclave processing. Our portfolio includes Film sizes for many applications.

We have vacuum films that use our 5 and 9 layer extrusion technology. These films guarantee excellent hole resistance and mechanical strength. We can also custom design film structures to ensure antistatic/dissipative properties for safety during end use.

Unlimited when stored in original packaging at 22°C